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Our Recoqnitics Images Annalistic platform is available on subscription pay-per-use basis.

Face Surveillance

Our face solution detects face(s) in an image and provide facial landmark location and additional metadata that can be suited for various industry use cases such as customer profiling and retail footfall analytics.
i. age
ii. gender
iii. emotion

Car Plate Recognition

Coqnitic's LPR technology detects license plates in images and recognizes is trained and tested on a huge database of car license plates. At the moment our technology is especially catered for Malaysian car plates. More to come

Fashion Analytics

Coqnitic's Fashion API dissects and analyzes a person's fashion sense including favorite color, and type of garments worn. The aggregated data from such analytics can be useful in scenarios such fashion recommendation

Smart Farming

Coqnitic's Planitics App diagnoses plants disease and health condition through a single snap of mobile camera and recommends solution through farmer's knowledge bank and Machine Learning.

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